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Bonito Listrado (Portuguese)
Skipjack (English)
Katsuwonus Pelaris (scientific)

- Above 1.8 kg or 3 lbs.

- 27 MT / each
-Temperature: minus 18º C

- Pole and line

The group boasts a successful history since 1889, specializing in industrial fishing, specifically in the capture, processing and sales of tuna. The company has six own vessels for the capture of tuna in the stick and live bait mode. Unlike traditional purse seine, the stick and bait system is extremely selective. Through this system, one tuna is caught at a time, not causing damage to dolphins, turtles and other endangered species. It is an ecological catch, without negative impacts to the ecosystem and ensuring the survival of marine species.

Tuna is exported to markets with environmental sustainability requirements. We believe that every society must be committed to the social and environmental issues that surround our planet.

It is with this thought that we are contributing with effective actions in projects to reduce the impacts in the nature and to improve the quality of life of the people.

We are certified by the main international bodies related to tuna fishing and environmental protection:

- Certificate that certifies the sustainability of the fisheries and ensures that the fish is caught in a responsible way, in areas where there is no prohibition on fishing and without damage to the environment.

- Certification that ensures that dolphins are not caught or injured in fishing.

- The International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF) works to develop, support, promote and keep alive the development of sustainable tuna fishing.