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Specialty Coffee

For the specialty coffee it is necessary to understand that it is a rare coffee with an exceptional quality produced only in micro lots. It’s an Arabica type coffees, produced in conditions that grant it enough organoleptically qualities to achieve a score equal to or higher than 80/100 according to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

This classification of which we are talking about is international standard and follows the following table:  
-Natural and Pulped Score (90 - 100) - Specialty Coffee (Outstanding coffees)
-Natural and Pulped Score (85 - 89,9) - Specialty Coffee (Excellent coffees)
-Natural and Pulped Score (80 - 84,9) - Specialty Coffee (Very Good coffees) 
-Natural and Pulped Score below 80 – Commercial Coffee (Non-Specialty coffees)

Located in south of Minas Gerais State in Brazil at 1250 m altitude (region 1) the farms and plantations are in the heart of the world's biggest coffee producing area having access to a huge variety of coffees, each one containing different smells, flavors, aromas and sensations we would like to share with our customers. We have in this region many farms to cultivate great beans.

Our range of products covers green coffee beans like 100% Arabica, as well as roasted beans and capsules coffee.

We want to give you the unique experience of tasting the best beans with social responsibility, innovation, respecting the human being and the natural environment.  We have selected those coffee beans that will surely surprise you!

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