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Agricultural Commodities

Fermon Export commercializes commodities that are produced sustainably, are verified and certified. For clients interested in sustainable productos, Fermon Export offers a wide range of products, of different varieties and qualities. These are commodities grown on the estates belonging to the Group or acquired from growers-partners that follow strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Fermon Export also participates in sustainable projects organized by clients/partners that do not want to certify their property but still wish to invest in a certain sustainable segment.

All of the Group’s estates are verified and/or certified by international platforms; many of them have more than one certification, which demonstrates the commitment of the Group with sustainability in commodities production. Fermon Export promotes sustainability among all of its partners, stimulating them to adopt better agricultural practices and to adapt their farms in order to achieve a sustainable production.

Fermon Export orients and trains its partners towards the verification and certification of their farms, in order for them to reduce costs, access more markets, obtain better prices for the product and collaborate for the preservation of the environment, besides social and economic benefits for all of those involved in the commodities production.